MimioVote Assessment System

  • Converts any dry erase Whiteboard into an Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Mounts magnetically to any whiteboard.
  • Converts your handwriting into text in documents in your pc.
  • You can record audio and video files.
  • Comes with feature rich MimioStudio software.

On Spot Feedback The MimioVote Assessment System makes assessment simpler with its easy to use RF-Based Audience Response System. It allows you to make assessments or gather opinions of the participants on the spot. Its range of 30 ft allows you to move freely around the room. It can be used for testing training quizzes and homework. The teachers handset can communicate directly with the students handset via radio frequency. You can use the MimioVote in a classroom at a training session or in corporate meetings. With MimioVote you get real-time feedback electronically collected at the simple CLICK of a button no need for manual tests. Demo MimioVote OverviewMimioStudio Interactive SoftwareFeatures Track progress through instant feedback as well as scores tallied over time. Download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans for clear achievement records. Place handsets anywhere in the storage tray to renumber automatically. Ensure student accuracy since only appropriate answer buttons light up. Flexible assessment through a variety of test designs. Rechargeable hand-held handsets. Active button highlighting. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Ability to import standard questions and publishers content. Integrated wireless receiver. Automatic renumbering of handsets when returned to the charging tray. Works with MimioStudio software. Never replace batteries. Choose teacher-led or self-paced testing. Count on excellent testing options for all grades. Easily import standard tests and publishers content.Benefits Portable Systems The MimioVote rechargeable hand-held devices come packed in a durable metal storage case with foam-padded compartments. You can move them between classrooms in the sturdy carrying case and test a different group of minds. Real-time Results You get real-time results eliminating the need for manual test correction. You can check your students progress anytime. This helps you determine whos learning and who needs a little more help. Tes


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