Osram Kreios G1 Black LED Gobo Image Projector

  • LED Light Source produces bright, crisp projection images at distances ranging from 6 to 20 feet
  • LED Light Source uses 1/3 the energy of a conventional halogen lamp and lasts more than 30,000 hours
  • Compact, Light Weight Design allows mounting in any orientation
  • No UV/IR emissions means gobos can be made from Glass, Metal or Transparency Materials
  • This item is for sale in the United States, Canada and Mexico only

The Osram Kreios G1 is an LED gobo image projector designed for a wide range of spot lighting applications that require especially bright images. The high powered LED light source and dedicated optical system delivers a crystal clear outline of the gobo with a homogeneous distribution of light across the entire image. The 30,000 hour, long life LEDs deliver the equivalent light output of a 75 watt halogen lamp while using only 24 watts of power. Low heat output means only passive cooling is required making for a silent operation. Kreios G1 is perfect for projecting messages, brand names and logos. Osram SYLVANIA, together with Osram AG, is a leader in lighting solutions and specialty products that feature innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name, and also under the Osram brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., Osram SYLVANIA is the North American operation of Osram AG.


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